Southern Pacific / Cotton Belt Depots and Freight Houses by Art Fisher

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Southern Pacific Transportation Company

Depots, Freight Houses, and Line-side Structures

as presented by Art Fisher


This site contains photos of the Southern Pacific Transportation Company's surviving structures buildings and line side structures.  Photographs include passenger stations and shelters, freight houses, yard buildings, engine facilities, water towers, and bridges that can be found along the rights of way that were previously Southern Pacific property.  I have traveled countless miles from Arkansas, through Texas, across New Mexico and Arizona, all over California and in to Oregon and Nevada to capture images of the remaining buildings.

The Southern Pacific Railroad and its family of roads built hundreds of buildings for passengers, freight, and maintenance-of-way.  With the decline of passenger travel and less-than-carload freight service, these buildings fell into disrepair.  This site highlights how those buildings look today.  

Photos include buildings from the

  • Southern Pacific,

  • St. Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt - SSW),

  • Northwestern Pacific (NWP),

  • Texas & New Orleans (T&NO),

  • San Antonio & Aransas Pass (SA&AP),

  • Houston and Texas Central (H&TC),

  • Galveston, Harrisburg, and San Antonio (GH&SA),

  • San Diego and Arizona Eastern (SD&AE),

  • Arizona & New Mexico (A&NM),

  • California and Oregon,

  • Texas Midland, and

  • Central Pacific.

The task of photographing so many buildings is a labor of love.  This is not a commercial enterprise.  Visitors are free to use these images for personal uses, but please, ask for permission before posting them on your own web site.  

Photos that appear on this site are those that I have personally taken or those for which I have been granted permission to use.  

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